/by Nanna Klith

Lise Johansson (1985) is a Danish Fine Art Photographer currently based in Copenhagen. She was born and raised in Sæby (Denmark), then for years dedicated her life to traveling.

There is a strong personal character to her works: a sense of abandonment  and the curiosity towards the unknown.The main focus of Johansson´s work is perception, identity and belonging. Johansson leaves the spectator in the space between familiarity and strangeness and questions the relationship between the human being and the world we perceive as real.

Johansson is educated as a professional photographer (Media College Denmark, 2016), and she is using her technical perfection as a painter uses her brush. Objects are being photographed in the studio which then become building blocks for digital collages bound together through her masterful use of light.

Her technique gives her creative freedom to construct the images. By mixing everyday objects and images of people with digital editing, Johansson creates realistic imaginary situations. The final images retain an uncanny balance between the natural and the constructed, playing with scale and perspective to make the viewer question what they see: to which extent are these images real and what reality do they represent?

Lise Johansson is a promising artist. For the last two years, she was awarded several prices. She is the 1st place winner in the Sony World Photography Awards in the National and the Enhanced Category, Open.


28.november 2018 ‘Winter Light’, INTHEGALLERY, Copenhagen

9-10-11 November 2018 ‘Imagenation’ Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris
August-September 2018 ‘Award Winners’, INTHEGALLERY, Copenhagen
June-August 2018 ‘Composite Structures’, INTHEGALLERY, Copenhagen
2017-2018 Sony World Photography Awards, traveling exhibition:
Salon de la Photo, Paris, France
Reggia di Monza, Milan, Italy
Sony Imaging Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Ginza Milan, Italy.
Bucharest Photo Fest, Romania.
Galerie GADCOLLECTION, Paris, France
Brussels Expo, Palais 4, Brussels, Belgium
Palazzo Trigon, Enna, Italy,
Sony Square NYC, New York, USA
2017 Sony World Photography Awards & Martin Parr, Sumerset House, London
2016 SVEND, UngK, Aarhus, Denmark
2015 Mørke Dage, Lindholm Brygge 9, Aalborg, Denmark
2015 Tomrummet, Aalborg, Denmark
2015 Surreal Art, Byens Rum, Aalborg, Denmark
2015 Mørke Dage Pre-event, Byens Rum, Aalborg, Denmark
2012 Det Personlige Fotografi, Central Station, Aarhus, Denmark
2010 Minimalismo, Centro Fotográfico, Oaxaca, Mexico
2010 Vera, Copenhagen, Denmark


2018 FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards, Nominee conceptual category
2018 International Color Awards, Nominee Fine Art ‘wipe – out’
2017 Felix Schoeller Photo Award, shortlist, category Free Choice/Conceptual, ‘Hearth’
2017 Sony World Photography Awards, 1st place winner of the National Award Denmark , ‘Hearth’
2017 Sony World Photography Awards, 1st place winner of Enhanced category, Open ‘Hearth’
2017 Monochrome Awards, Honorable Mention in conceptual category ‘Sehnsucht’
2016 Winner of the Hasselblad Student Award, exhibition SVEND
2016 FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards, 2nd place winner in conceptual category ‘Sehnsucht’

Selected Features

2018 Dodho Magazine ‘In Vacuo by Lise Johansson’
2017 Monochrome Awards Annual Book
2017 World Photography Organisation, Feature for International Women’s Day
2016 Hearth, Art People Gallery
2016 Hearth, Dodho Magazine
2016 Nye talenter, Dansk Foto Kunst
2016 Sehnsucht, The Creators Project
2016 Sehnsucht/Fractures, Art People Gallery
2015 Lise Johansson Photography, Dodho Magazine
2013 Kunstnertapeter, Elle Magazine


2012-2016 Medieskolerne Viborg, Photography
2012-2016 The National Museum of Copenhagen Apprenticeship with Roberto Fortuna
2010 Vera – School of Art and Design, Fine Art Photography
2006 Grundtvig Højskole Photography, Art, Photoshop etc.